Welcome to the Command Post Beta!

Command Post Simulators List View
Simulator cards in the Command Post’s Simulators list view.

Thanks to those who have volunteered to participate in Really-Virtual’s Command Post beta program! You have opted-into being one of the first to participate in Really-Virtual’s grand vision of a training experience like no other. This program is not just about getting to see and use the cool new features our R&D team is cranking out, although there will be plenty of that, it’s also about direct two-way communication and collaboration with our R&D, Product, Support, and Operations teams. You get to help shape the future of training right alongside us. As part of this program, your feedback will be instrumental in turning the current training experience model on its head. You will get the rare opportunity to speak directly with not only the heads of the various departments previously mentioned, but the people actually working on the raw designs and code for our applications.

The goal, of course, is to provide you with the best possible product at release launch so that our solution to the training experience model is YOUR solution to the training experience model. To contact the R&D team with direct feedback, please send an email to or tap the “Feedback” menu item within the Command Post app.

 Please note: The Command Post is currently only available to users running devices with Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) through Android 8.0 (Oreo) and above. Command Post uses features and optimizations which are unavailable in Android versions prior to 6.0. In an effort to provide users with the latest and greatest functionality with the smallest barrier to entry possible, we have chosen to forego developing for pre-6.0 Android versions.

Please also note: We currently do not have an iOS version of the Command Post in development. For now, we will focus on ensuring the best possible experience for Android users, though we have discussed the possibility of porting the Command Post to iOS in the near future.

With all of that said, here’s what you can expect to experience in the beta: 

The Good

  • Your feedback turned into features. They may look slightly different in order to ensure ease of use for the widest possible audience, but rest assured, if you describe a feature to us that is possible to develop, it will see its way into the product and you’ll be able to be the first to provide feedback on its implementation.
  • The latest execution of our vision. Our beta program is where all of our hard work goes to be vetted, tested, and refined for the final product release. You’ll see first-hand where we’re going before anyone else!
  • Beta feedback from partners takes priority over all internal discussions. We might think something is a great idea, but if our beta partners don’t agree, then we go back to the drawing board with YOU to make sure YOUR goals are given the priority you need. Top Priority!

The Bad

  • Due to the nature of a beta, you will constantly have app updates available to you, sometimes multiple times per day! This is because beta builds are meant to be quickly tested, fixed, and verified over the course of many iterations so that we can maximize feedback and ensure the final product is rock solid.
  • Things may not always look “good” or be very fast. You will see small errors, such as misspelled words, icons and buttons that don’t appear to align very well, and many app slow-downs that are often not easily explainable or able to be worked-around.

The Ugly

  • Features may be present in one build, but gone in the next. Part of the feedback loop and development iteration cycle is that we try many new things based on our own internal discussions and beta partner feedback. Sometimes those things work, other times they don’t. Some features may be temporarily removed in order to be fixed and reviewed internally before being placed back in beta, others may never return depending on the feedback we receive.
  • The app will crash, many times, sometimes unexplainably so. Your feedback on the actions you were performing will be crucial in assisting us in finding and fixing these phantom causes so that they do not rear their ugly heads in the final release!

With all of that in mind. Here are some known quirks and bugs you can expect to see in our current Command Post version 1.60 beta.


  • Profile creation does not always auto-trigger when a user signs into the Command Post for the very first time.
    • Known Workaround: Users can trigger creation of their profile manually if it does not already exist after signing in by tapping the navigation drawer icon and selecting “Profile.” The Command Post will recognize that there is no profile associated with the user and present the Profile Creation Form.
  • Purchased and Pre-ordered simulators do not appear in the Simulators list even as “Unavailable” for corporate / enterprise users.
    • Known Workaround: The cause of this issue is that the feature tying simulators to a corporate/enterprise user’s account is not yet implemented. Please contact the Really-Virtual team so that we may attach your account to your Company’s corporate / enterprise profile. Once this is complete, tapping the “Refresh” button or restarting the Command Post will immediately display your organization’s simulators in their appropriate state depending upon your proximity to the simulators.
  • There is currently no button or gesture allowing the user to disconnect from a simulator after selecting “Connect” in that simulator’s Status view.
    • Known Workaround: Press the “Back” button on your device to exit the Simulator Status view. This will trigger a refresh dialog to appear which will remove the current connection to the simulator.


  • Latest News card does not refresh/appear on the Dashboard, even after the “Refresh” button has been tapped.
    • Known Workaround: Sign-out of the Command Post via the “Sign-out” menu item in the Navigation Drawer. Exit the Command Post via the Square icon on the bottom of your device, swipe the Command Post window away, ensure you are connected to the internet via your Mobile Service Provider’s or your available WiFi network and re-open the Command Post via your Application Launcher.
  • User image, name, and email do not appear in the profile header of the navigation drawer.
    • Known Workaround: Sign-out of the Command Post via the “Sign-out” menu item and sign back in with your chosen identification provider.


Next Steps

Whew! That’s a lot of information! If you’ve stuck with us so far, you may be wondering, “What now?” As a beta partner you should have been given a special link which will allow you to opt-into the beta on your Android device so as to begin the installation via the Google Play store. If this is not the case, please contact so that the support team can make sure you’re all set up. If you’re reading this from within the Command Post, congratulations! You’re already setup. Make sure to keep an eye on your device’s notifications area for information on the latest available updates and don’t forget to make liberal use of the “Feedback” menu item.

If you’re reading this and are interested in participating in our Command Post beta, please contact to find out how you and your organization can help shape the future of training!