Development Software Update

Command Post Beta Updates 3/26!

    Greetings from Team RVC’s R&D squad! We’re very excited to share the updates we’ve just released into the wild. So let’s get started:   Command Post Android v1.66-BETA: Fixed a condition which caused the “Simulator Disconnected” dialog to appear in rapid succession. This dialog now appears only once as intended. Fixed several issues with the “Refresh” button which caused issues with active simulator recognition. It now properly triggers visual updates to the “Active…

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Welcome to the Command Post Beta!

Thanks to those who have volunteered to participate in Really-Virtual’s Command Post beta program! You have opted-into being one of the first to participate in Really-Virtual’s grand vision of a training experience like no other. This program is not just about getting to see and use the cool new features our R&D team is cranking out, although there will be plenty of that, it’s also about direct two-way communication and collaboration with our R&D, Product,…

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