Real-Forklift Mobile Virtual Reality Forklift Simulator

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Real-Forklift Mobile is the ultimate portable Virtual Reality Forklift Simulator on the market today.  One easy to transport case includes everything you need to turn your desk into the ultimate Forklift training environment.

As a bonus, you will receive one customized banner within the Basic Training Suite.

Includes the following:
1) Real-Control 4+1 – Four forklift controls, gear select, horn and seatbelt switch
2) Desktop Mounting Bracket Assy.
3) Premium VR ready laptop
4) Thrustmaster T300 RS – Steering and Pedal Assembly
5) Oculus VR Headset Hardware Integration Kit
6) RVC Basic Training Suite with licensing for Real-Control on Desktop, Oculus Virtual Reality and Leap Motion Hands
7) Leap Motion VR Integration Kit (see your hands!)
8) Rolling Transport Case

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