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Real-Forklift Basic Training Suite

Rapid Engagement Augmented Learning™

Our Basic Training Suite (BTS) is what powers our Real-Forklift™ Simulators. But you don't need to have a complete simulator solution to get engaged and begin training.  BTS will works in both Virtual Reality, using Oculus VR, and your conventional flat-screen monitor environment.  It will also work with a conventional Xbox Controller or keyboard only.  Of course, the level of immersion and experience will depend on your solution.

To get started, download BTS on your PC and try it out.  Also download the controller mapping so you can see what keys are pre-programmed.

We update our software very frequently, so keep an eye out for our newsletter with release notes.  Our updates are from the direct feedback of our users.  So try it out and give us feedback.

Begin Your Forklift Training Today!

The Real-Forklift Basic Training Suite makes forklift training funinteractive and way more effective than watching a BORING video.

This download provides you with your first TWO Lessons For FREE!

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  • Simple Installation
  • Choose Virtual Reality or Monitor
  • Multiple Controllers Supported
  • Individual User Accounts
  • Instant Training Report
  • HD Recording of Every Session
  • X-Box Rumble Support
  • Steering Wheel Force Feedback Support
  • Multiple Camera Views
  • OSHA Compliant Curriculum
  • Practical Exercises
  • Technical Driving Courses
  • Free-Roam Open Environment
  • Optional Forklift Attachments
  • Online and Offline Support
  • Command Post Android Companion App
  • Configurable Forklift Specifications
  • Optional Cloud Storage

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