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Last Updated: Jun 16, 2019

Please follow the instructions below.  Real-Forklift Basic Training Suite is available through the Oculus store with a product key.  It will work with either a VR headset and with a standard monitor.

Download Real-Forklift Command Post to get your free demo product key

After installing Real-Forklift Command Post on your mobile device:
  • login or create an account
  • tap menu (hamburger) button
  • tap settings
  • retrieve your Oculus Product Key used to unlock the Demo

On your PC, please download and install the Oculus App from here:

Login or create an Oculus account.

To redeem your Product Key follow these instructions:

This will unlock a limited demo version of Real-Forklift Basic Training. You do not need an Oculus VR headset to use. Once Real-Forklift Basic Training is installed you can click the more icon (three dots) and select Start in desktop mode.

Click the more (three dots) to run in desktop mode

Release Notes

v2.033.1-.3 (Jun 16, 2019)
-added Configurable Pedestrian safe passing parameters in Settings
-set the minimum speed that will trigger a warning
-set the minimum safe distance to pass a pedestrian
-update: Pallet damage is now added to the total damage cost
-bugfix: tutorial for Xbox controller appears when controller not detected
-bugfix: look behind with Xbox controller not registering.
-update:banner loading request using latest framework
-update: profile picture loading request using latest framework
-clean up unused code
-bugfix: License Key button enabled without admin connected
-bugfix: License Verification not responding
-update: Improved licensing authorization. Detects authorized admin through connected profile

v2.032.1 (Jun 12, 2019)
-Bugfix:Offline mode didn't load add-on licenses

v2.031.4 (Jun 9, 2019)
cumulative release notes from v2.0.30.1 & up
-Bugfix:When quitting in offline mode would freeze.
-Bugfix:When offline removed Feedback tool
-Bugfix:Offline Mode folder creation
-Bugfix:Training menu not reappearing when entering training if the last exercise had delivery instructions.
-New: Lost Connection Detection. System will detect a dropped connection and go into offline mode. Note. If started in offline mode it will stay in offline mode.
-New: Connection Icon on HUD. Green = Online ; Red = Offline
-Update Session reporting for upcoming Command Post Mobile App implementation.
-Bug Fix: Incorrect Final score and final damage reported

v2.029.2 (May 19, 2019)
cumulative notes (v2.025.1 to 2.029.2)

-created user login page accessible from the toolbar
-disconnects user on quit
-training logs and videos are now stored in the User's folders by their username. If there isn't a connected user then it goes in the -Not Connected- folder
-disable alert key
-Database update
-Bugfix: Score going below 0
-Bugfix: Damage not resetting on session end
-Bugfix: User connect submit button not responding to enter key
-Bugfix: operator connect form not clearing on close
-Added: Two digit code at end of username folder in training log folder in
-case multiple users with same user name
-Bugfix: Basiloid lower sticking against floor at full lower and tilt forward

v2.024.1 (Apr 22, 2019)
-rebaked lighting

v2.023.1 (Apr 6, 2019)
-bug fix: Improper or fail to report head turn causing penalties and trainer correction warning.
-slowed down Neo's speaking rate

v2.022.2-.3 (Mar 27, 2019)
-added additional dialog for the trainer
-will now monitor fork height, and when carrying a load if tilted too far forward or off-center
-message priority system added. Trainer will not override their current message if the new message isn't as important
-trainer will now inform the operator if they are driving with forks at an unsafe height

v2.022.1 (Mar 26, 2019)
-enable speech. When a message appears on the HUD message display it will speak it aloud for the operator and observer to hear.
-added option to turn on/off

v2.021.10 (Mar 25, 2019)
-fix offline mode bug

v2.021.1-.9 (Mar 14, 2019)
-removed offset experiment
-4th test. Added offset to another section.
-3rd test. Attempting to move rt hand offset
-adjusted default steering angle
-2nd test of right hand offset
-testing right hand offsest adjustment via registry only
-update Oculus Platform Tools
-adjusted scale on steering wheel to correct rotation issue
-adjusted tilt on steering wheel
-update leap calibration. No longer puts it manual offset mode. Modify the current position and rotation directly before leap does it's thing.
-fixed code that caused hands to jump when going out of camera view. This is the result of only using one sensor.
-fixed quick calibration. Now, user can honk horn to reset and perform full calibration
-fixed mouse and scroll issue

v2.018.2 (Mar 5, 2019)
-fix system pausing when VR Headset wasn't plugged in. Should only have pause feature when there is a VR headset present

v2.018.1 (Mar 1, 2019)
-fixed issue where Basic Training would could not load if improperly closed while paused
-add system will pause after initial load if the headset is not worn
-add system will automatically quit if paused for more than 10 minutes. This will allow all data to properly save.

v2.017.1-.2 (Feb 26, 2019)
-fix error when user doesn't have a profile picture
-fix error loading profile picture into hud
-possible fix that caused the inputs to act like there was a down arrow keypress
-basiloid physics update. part 1. Experimental message added.
-Fix Exercise 201. Storage indicator showing at start of exercies
-Fix pallet tutorial display improperly appearing
-Added Debug Logging to settings to provide additional logging

v2.016.1 (Feb 23, 2019)
-update to pallet manager scripting to improve side shifting
-mute pallet sound on load
-added pallets to main racking scene
-added new pallet manager to all palletized products
-added damage and destroy feature. Objects glow red when destroyed

v2.015.1-.5 (Feb 18, 2019)
-bug fix. Training menu not appearing in non-VR environment
-adjust color schemes
-bug fixes
-update to tutorial screen
-hot fix
-Additional Tutorial Screens added
-Tutorial Detects if VR headset present and opens appropriate display

v2.014.1 (Feb 14, 2019)
-Update to tutorial page.
-currently will detect gamepad and steering wheel and display the mapping for the controls
-additional tips coming soon

v2.013.1-.4 (Feb 13, 2019)
-bug fixes
-fix issue with pause banner overlapping other popup windows
-fixed: pause banner blocking settings
-fix issue when user is connected on startup preventing Operator Connect from loading in the settings menu
-fix issue when closing create user that didn't properly reset the form.
-fix Curriculum report in documents folder not reporting training activity from the session

v2.012.1-.2 (Feb 8, 2019)
-bug fix
-can now create an operator account. Auto generate a unique userID for company users and the user will create their own 5-digit pin.
-optional email address. Will check if there is an existing account and let the user know to link via mobile app.

v2.011.1-.3 (Feb 6, 2019)
-added Operator account create page (non-functional)
-On operator code, submit will select after pin is verified to allow enter key to complete.
-fixed the clearing of the form for Operator Clear
-added icons below hub to replace keyboard presses. Quit, Settings, Control Mapping, Forklift Settings, Camera Toggle
-added current user to Operator Connect on F4.
-if admin does operator connect login, license key change will be enabled
-added operator connect using UserID and pin.
-fix leap settings reset
-fixed issues with some F4 settings not saving

v2.010.1-.2 (Feb 4, 2019)
-fix database issue when changing out License key
-Additional F4 Updates
-standardized layout of modules
-added licensing
-admin can now change their license. Requires an admin connected via Command Post for company registered simulators. To register a simulator that is on a temp/individual license to a company license user must have company admin email and pin.

-update F4 screen.
-Create pages on system configuration for User, Truck, Environment
-Added tunnel vision flag to enable experimental feature

v2.008.1 (Feb 2, 2019)
-added graphics settings
-can adjust resolution and quality real-time
-settings update cloud settings
-enable/disable auto quality
-fix banner switching issue

v2.007.1 (Jan 31, 2019)
-lessons properly pause videos when removing HMD or going to Dashboard
-added a pause banner to desktop monitor when user pauses application

v2.006.1-.4 (Jan 30, 2019)
-added message for if app use not authorized from Oculus
-app quits if not authorized
-disable rumble on Oculus Home
-adjust settings for force close from Dashboard
-addressed pause and camera control
-attempting to fix App Quit from Dashboard
-fix entitlement check not killing app
-adding pause when removing HMD or pressing oculus home button.

v2.005.1 (Jan 29, 2019)
-updates for Oculus certification
-autolicense with a personal limited license when unit is unlicensed
-disable auto calibration tool for Oculus User. Buying a RVC license will enable.
-Default enable tutorial. For Oculus user will display a gamepad mapping

v2.004.1-.6 (Jan 25, 2019)
-fixed activating message for Basic version
-updated demo to basic message
-fixed default startup mode
-moved vrmode none to top of list to test
-enabled oculus dash
-Added Desktop Mode Support when launching from Oculus
-experiement tunneling effect
-press Shift+X to enable/disable

v2.003.1 (Jan 24, 2019)
-added Oculus Platform Info
-added session ID to bug report
-updated Oculus Platform for improved performance
-fix error when end and removing dead files for captures

v2.002.2-.3 (Jan 23,2019)
-fixed Xbox steering when using VR
-update Oculus platform tools to improve performance
-removed OpenVR. Added new icon images
-updated load screen with new Real-Forklift Branding
-hide free play mode when offline
-fixed bug reporting tool error when closing panel config

v2.001.1-.3 (Jan 23, 2019)
-fixed bug that prevented banner from being deleted
-optimize banner loading. Will only load new banners and delete ones no longer in database.
-added live banners
-now each company can add their own banners for the billboards.
-on start up the system will retrieve the banners and store them locally. If offline will not check and use local files.
-banners will rotate on a timer that can be configured in settings/BannerSwapPeriod in FB
-other fixes

Version 2 Release Soon BTS will become Real-Forklift Basic Training

-feature add: we are now available in the Oculus Store via Beta invite.  Email if you would like to be a part of the test.
-feature add: pressing the X-Box Home button will exit BTS
-updated demo mode. Now you can download and click the 'Free Play' Button to begin training. (30 day demo provides access to Lesson 101 & 102 and three scenarios)
-fix: issue that prevented early quit on lesson with no user connected
-fix: write to database on quit.
-fix: closing BTS via the close window ('X') properly quits and saves.
-feature add: Basiloid camera view
-feature add: when changing attachments the system will deactivate the CCTV


-fix: Pedestrians will properly return to walking after they escape the danger
-fix: pedestrians will slow and stop if walking up to the forklift
-fix: Pedestrians will now look at you when stopped
-fix: starting fork height is 0

for users with Basiloid Licenses:

-fix:set proper Basiloid/fork start height before beginning training
-fix:Exercise 202 properly transitions to 4th stack
-improvement: Exercise 202 labels easier to see when going from staging to loading
-improvement: grabbing fridge box using Basiloid
-improvement: reduced blade protrusion using Basiloid


-added report ID to user reporting tool
-reduced RAM usage during extended use sessions
-improved system performance (particularly on Real-Forklift Mobile)
-fixed issue that prevented training event from associating with company


-updated to new user reporting tool
-cleaned up the mechanisms and labels for reporting


-Fixed F4 bug reporting error
-Fixed Real-Control not being detected


-bug fixes for Real-Control Animation crash
-Added help labels to Exercise 101
-Added help labels to Lesson 105
-Lesson 103: Fixed Display not hiding
-Exercise 201: fixed video end point
-Fixed issue where lesson objects weren't deactivating at lesson end
-Fixed issue with F/R lever not moving or highlighting.
-Corrected lighting issue
-Fixed issue where lessons being completed weren't logging to database
-fixed high CPU consumption from handbrake animation


-fixed VR not working issue with latest Oculus update
-all 100 series updated with new lesson logic to improve performance and reliability
-all 200 series updated with new lesson logic to improve performance and reliability
-fixed training menu function. Fades properly, reverts to correct menu on quit
-fixed exiting training menu. Now will stay in the current warehouse

beta notes v

  • improvements to the download tool.
    • progress bar will remain visible when complete.
    • if user quits before download complete will have option to finish download or cancel.
  • bug fix: display name not appearing on the monitor HUD.
  • improvements to remote management back-end. (not yet available to end-users or company admin.)
  • bug fix: sideshifting.  (this may at times have issues.  We are in the process of a major update to our forklift physics engine.  Though we try to avoid impacting the current beta, at times there may be an impact)

beta notes v

  • new auto download tool.
    • On startup BTS will check for newer versions of production and beta versions.
    • Currently opt in to Beta with a registry key change
    • Download will occur and a Download progress bar will display that status.
    • on quit user will be presented the option to install or exit
  • if a user connects via Command Post and the Real-Forklift simulator is in online mode it will download the user's profile picture and display on the HUD and Tablet.

beta notes v

  • improved auto alignment experience.
    • Removed the forklift from view during calibrate.  now the user will only see the steering wheel and real-control
    • added a quick calibrate setting (must set AllowQuickCalibrate to True in registry).  Once the unit has performed an initial calibration, quick calibrate will only require controller alignment.  BTS will detect if the tracking sensor has changed position and will revert back to full calibrate.
  • fixed Turn Around Assist
  • all lessons should now work properly
  • performance improvements and misc bug fixes

beta notes v

  • update: menu system. First step for dynamic menu creation and lesson restriction/enforcement based on user permissions/requirements
  • bug fix: new: content manager. Authorizes content availability based on license. This system will allow instant access to attachments, environments, scenarios, etc when a user/company purchase new content or features.
  • fix: fork spread
  • known issues: some lessons will not work. Lessons 101, 102 and 104 are working
  • known issues: we are currently undergoing a major update to the lift truck physics model. Typically this won't impact a build until implemented, but odd behavior may occur at times. Please report by pressing F4 and submitting diagnostics and leave your feedback.

beta notes v

  • minor bug fixes

beta notes v

  • bug fix: enable pedestrians save setting not loading
  • bug fix: Auto Alignment would not complete if leap motion hands weren't enabled.  Now bypasses controller alignment if the system doesn't detect leap motion hands.
  • update: VR Auto Alignment Tool
    • Added better step-by-step messaging
    • Added help image during steering wheel calibration
    • Added notification if you hands were not visible during controller alignment
  • known issue: Fork spread doesn't not open forks

beta notes v

  • bug fix: performance issue caused by Pedestrians
  • New: Auto Alignment Tool
    • Will detect simulator type.
    • Step-by-Step instructions that require nothing more than looking, grabbing controls and holding still
    • Aligns operator, steering and Real-Control
  • New: Load screen
    • Provides feedback on loading completion
    • Greatly improved load-time performance
    • Screen no-longer freezes on load

beta notes v

  • bug fix: Gas Electric mode icon changing colors
  • New: Autodetect controller type and set gear shift select automatically
  • New: Autodetect simulator type and enable/disable physical seatbelt detection automatically

beta notes v

  • Added Video tutorial at startup
  • demonstrates starting an electric and gas powered truck
  • provides a visual of the steering wheel enhanced controls mapping
  • added Gas / Electric Mode Icon to Tablet and Training Display

beta notes v

  • Completely new visual look and feel.  Improved lighting and shadows to increase the immersive experience
  • Back-end updates allow quicker setting updates.
    • you can set the system to auto adjust the graphics or set a default graphics setting
    • adjust the timer on the forklift height penalty.  Currently you are deducted 1 point every five seconds.  Adjust that timer from 1 sec on up.
  • New Manual User Name entry.  Press F4 and type in your name.  This name will be associated with all training logs and curriculum logs. (included for everyone during the beta)
  • Additional improvements to the leap motion hands initialization.  Sometimes the leap motion sensor gets confused.  We have put some additional checks in place to improve the correct orientation.
  • new bug reporting tool.  Add feedback to send directly to our team

Want to try something cool?  Paid users can now create their own custom cone course.  This v1 tool is a simple spreadsheet that allows you to plot out a course that will load into Basic Training Suite.  You can even name it whatever you want!

If you are using the paid version and want to try it out, there is already a sample course built to see for yourself.

You will need Microsoft Excel.  This is a Macro Enabled Workbook.