Basic Training Suite update Notes and Demo Release

Basic Training Suite
software update as of 3/25/2018

We have an extended video session from about 10 days ago to share with you.

We have great news.  You can now download a 30-day free demo of our beta from our website.

Our Basic Training Suite is our foundational software for all material handling products we develop and sell.  This includes training modules, evaluation modules, different environments, different model lift-trucks and attachments.

All our software will soon be managed and updated through our companion tray app on your PC or simulator, known as the RTO.  However, this is still a beta, so you will need to download new updates for now.

Everything listed below will be available for download beginning on Monday, 3/26 @ 12pm PDT.

In no particular order, where is another huge update.  This was all done in 2 weeks, phew!

  1. In session recording
    1. Automatically records your training session for playback, review or sharing
    2. Very low impact to system performance but will disable on lower-spec machines.
    3. 720p HD recording at 24 frames per second, provides smooth and high-quality playback.
  2. See your hands in Virtual Reality (well not yours but Virtual Hands of course)
    1. Greatly improves the immersive experience, especially for new operators.
    2. Auto detects for sensor and will also disable if you are running a low-spec system to maintain an optimum VR experience.
    3. Can be toggled with a key assignment (keyboard or controller)
  3. Calibration tool. Studies show that when your real-world experience doesn’t align with VR it can increase vection (that disconnect between what you perceive and what you should feel)
    1. Works great for both our Real-Forklift solution and our Desktop only solutions.
    2. Three dimensional adjustments (left/right | forward/back | up/down)
    3. Align your head position, the steering wheel and your forklift controls.
    4. All settings saved to minimize setup time for future sessions
  4. We continue to add additional appliance boxes, and pallets. We will continue to grow our catalog to meet almost any material handling environment.
  5. License validation
    1. Checks for a connection, verifies license key and validates usage.
    2. Provides simple on-screen messaging. If you don’t validate then it will close
    3. Can be used offline for up to 3-days at a time.
    4. Validate via your internet connection or via Command Post, our Android companion application.
  6. Smart billboards.
    1. Auto-detect which company you belong to and will display your banner if available.
    2. Allow companies to have multiple banners
    3. Toggle multiple banners via a button or keystroke (mappable)
  7. Updated Lift Truck specs and set as default. Of course, you can tinker with your Lift truck using the Vehicle or Fork configurator (F2 and F3 keys)
  8. Throttle sensitive hydraulic lift. Now with our inching pedal you can have a more authentic experience.  Use your inching pedal and throttle input to adjust the hydraulic pressure to your lift.
  9. Xbox controller support
    1. Fully mappable
    2. Rumble/vibration enabled to provide feedback when impacting objects
  10. New non-VR support. Now you can use an Xbox controller and enjoy our Basic Training Suite even if you don’t have VR.
    1. You can look up/down, turn left/right, cock your head to either side and also lean in and lean back.
    2. Auto-centers. Your head position will always return to center after you release the joystick
    3. Realistic physics that more closely mimic actual turning (you know that last bit gets pretty hard)
  11. Timed cone-course
    1. This will be available as we add new courses. Currently one course
    2. Enter the course either clockwise or counter clockwise.
    3. Auto-detects and manages the start/stop timer.
    4. Records all cone hits and adds a 1 second penalty for every cone hit (we want safe first and efficient second)
    5. Resets with the press of a key or via Command Post (no need to exit and restart)
    6. Added to your performance report.
  12. All new KPI tool. Expanding on our first pass on event logging.  This collection tool always works.  Regardless of your scenario we will always collect data and provide you with feedback.  Currently we provide the following feedback:
    1. Aggressive driving
    2. Impacts and collisions
    3. No-seatbelt
    4. Measures proper driving reverse behavior. Make sure you are looking behind you and honking or you will be penalized
    5. More added daily.