Development Real-Forklift

Almost there…

For about two months we have been working long hours building a product that we believe our customers will want.  However, until you have something to demo, you are operating in a bit of a vacuum.  Lucky for us, we have entered into some great partnerships with companies that believe in us and our ability to not only deliver a product, but to exceed what anyone else is able to offer.

Friday, February 2nd was a big day for us.  It was the first time we had our partners come to our office and demo our product.  This was our first milestone to demonstrate our proof of concept.  Mind you, we aren't even close to being done with our vision.  Actually, we probably will never be done, but in a couple months we will launch the first product of our Real-Forklift products as part of our Real-Solutions Platform.

So what is it with all this REAL talk.  Well, REAL is Rapid Engagement Augmented Learning.  We believe the future of training will be Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and mobile immersive experiences.  The next learning platform will not tie someone to boring Powerpoint slides and outdated videos.  The next platform will take all the important bits from that era and Augment that Learning through the Rapid Engagement of our immersive experiences.  In a couple months, we will deliver a product to our Fantastic Four that will be above the rest and we will never look back.