Don't Let Budget Dictate Safety!

Let’s talk Forklift Safety! Our Forklift Simulator Solutions are The New Standard in Virtual Reality Forklift Simulation. Reduce accidents, reduce classroom training time and increase productivity. Build the necessary skills in a completely ZERO RISK environment. Our mission is simple: Create immersive and experiential forklift training that doesn't just teach you how to respond to an event, but to experience the event and learn from those experiences in a risk-free environment. Please download the FREE Trial and learn how this technology will improve driver behavior and increase the confidence of your forklift operators.

Introducing the Real-Forklift™ family of products. Rapid Engagement Augmented Learning™ AKA Real-Solutions. Take advantage of the latest Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mobile technologies.

Premium Forklift Simulator


Transform your organization's Material Handling training program.  Real-Forklift creates an immersive experience using Virtual Reality, and motion simulation.  All of our Real-Forklifts are configurable to replicate most counterbalance forklifts on the market today. Request your FREE Consultation to learn about our Virtual Forklift Training Solutions and Forklift Simulators.


Military / Public Safety

RVC is committed to providing military personnel and law-enforcement the most advanced tools.  Contact us about developing a solution to meet your training requirements.


Corporate Training

Powerpoint presentations are so 20th Century.  RVC Rapid Engagement Augmented Learning platform integrates the latest in VR, AR, MR and mobile to provide a highly immersive and flexible training experience.  Integrated with our Command Post learning management system provide tight integration with existing platforms.

Put Your Company In Overdrive

Experiential and Accelerated Learning. Reduce Training Time. Decrease Training Risk. Increase Fun.

RVC is here to help.  Whether you choose from an existing "off-the-shelf" solution or need something custom, we promise to deliver a solution to you within budget and on-time, PERIOD! Lets talk Warehouse Safety! Contact us today to learn about our virtual forklift training solutions and forklift simulators.

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